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What is Chai Tea?

Chai is a generic word for spiced tea in many parts of the world. In the United States it means a sweet, exotic mix of milk, tea and spices. Traditionally a mix of sweet and savory spices such as clove, cinnamon, cardamom, star anise, peppercorn, ginger and fennel are ground and boiled in water. Then black tea is added to the spice mixture which is steeped, added to milk and then sweetened with honey. In .

Coffees Around the World

Ever wonder how coffee is prepared and consumed around the world? How do you ask for a coffee in another country? What is a Yuanyang and where can it take you? Mixing coffee and world travel is definitely a great idea. Here’s a compilation of facts, habits and history surrounding one of the most universal drinks ever – from all over the globe. Italy is the country with more cafes per capita in the .

Coffee FAQs – Storage – Grinding – Brewing

Please store your coffees whole bean and grind just before brewing. —What to Avoid in Coffee Storage | Air (oxygen is the enemy) | Moisture | Heat | Light —Coffee Container Types— Glass, ceramic or stainless steel containers with airtight gaskets are ideal for storing coffee. Opaque, airtight containers are best for counter top storage. —Coffee Storage Locations— Cool, dark, dry places (such as pantries and cabinets) are best for coffee storage. Freezers should be .

Welcome to our Website!

This is the same Coffee Barrel you have been ordering from since our website was activated back in 2007.  Since we have hundreds of products and variations of most products, we wanted a way to offer a user friendly site for you. Create your account either at checkout or initially. Your orders will be tracked through your own account profile so you can reorder easily. You will receive notification of when your order is processed .

How Coffee Loves Us Back

Coffee is everywhere, through history and across the world. And increasingly, science is demonstrating that its popularity is a good thing. Harvard scientists have for years put coffee under the microscope. Last year, researchers announced they had discovered six new human genes related to coffee and reconfirmed the existence of two others. The long-running Nurses’ Health Study has found that coffee protects against type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Researchers are continuing to follow up on .