Coffees Around the World

Ever wonder how coffee is prepared and consumed around the world?

How do you ask for a coffee in another country? What is a Yuanyang and where can it take you? Mixing coffee and world travel is definitely a great idea. Here’s a compilation of facts, habits and history surrounding one of the most universal drinks ever – from all over the globe.

  • Italy is the country with more cafes per capita in the world. It was easy to deduce given the passion for coffee that is customary there, but it’s always good to have more accurate data: 100,000 cafes for 60 million inhabitants. It’s not bad at all.
  • In Southeast Asia, people drink coffee with condensed milk. In countries like Malaysia or Indonesia it is known as Kopi Susu Panas, and it is said that the idea of chocolate coffee originated from here. Indeed, the Asian Cartagena also appears to be a close cousin of it.
  • The world-capital of hipsterism and modernism- Seattle – has 10 times more cafes per capita than any other city in the USA. Air Roasted and Flavored coffee took to stardom here.
  • What if we mixed coffee with black tea and add a little condensed milk? Besides that many would not sleep in a season, possibly in Hong Kong would be taking a Yuanyang. The drink is so popular that recently Starbucks has started serving its own version.
  • How coffee is ordered around the world? In Colombia, ask for a red. In Portugal, a cimbalino.
  • Crowning the coffee with cream chorretón is not a guarrada that was invented by Starbucks. In Germany there are many specialties that pioneered it, as Pharisäer (rum and cream) or Eiscafe, with ice cream and cream. In Austria, coffee with cream is called Einspänner.
  • Among the stranger mixes of coffee, possibly cà phê Thung from Vietnam deserves a prominent place. As other countries in the region, add condensed milk, people in Vietnam add egg yolk as the special ingredient.