Welcome to our Website!

This is the same Coffee Barrel you have been ordering from since our website was activated back in 2007.  Since we have hundreds of products and variations of most products, we wanted a way to offer a user friendly site for you.

Create your account either at checkout or initially. Your orders will be tracked through your own account profile so you can reorder easily. You will receive notification of when your order is processed and even how and when it is shipped if you leave your email address with us. We promise not to use it inappropriately.

What’s new?

  • Retail – 5 pound bags! You can order in larger quantities now. And you get $1 off per pound when you order 5 pound bags whole bean. (minimum of 10 pounds).
  • Retail – More products available! You can order any of our cafe products including Ghirardelli sauces, Stirling Gourmet Flavoring Syrups, Cappuccine Frappe Mixes, David Rio Chai Tea, and Dr. Smoothie 100% Crushed Fruit mixes.
  • Retail – Coffee Subscriptions! A way to send or receive a pound each month of our flavored coffees. Check it out now! Coffee Subscription
  • Wholesale – Half pound bags! You can order the minimum quantity of 2 pounds in half pound bags now. Use them as promotional samples or simply place them on your shelf for display.
  • Wholesale and Retail – Your orders will be preserved in your “Dashboard” account. If you want to reorder the same thing each time you can simply visit the Orders button on your account page.