What is Chai Tea?



Chai is a generic word for spiced tea in many parts of the world. In the United States it means a sweet, exotic mix of milk, tea and spices.

Traditionally a mix of sweet and savory spices such as clove, cinnamon, cardamom, star anise, peppercorn, ginger and fennel are ground and boiled in water. Then black tea is added to the spice mixture which is steeped, added to milk and then sweetened with honey.

In the United States there are many variations of the original Chai recipe. Some substitute herbs or green tea for the black tea and vary the quantities and types of spices or sweeteners to create a unique taste. The most popular addition by far to the recipe is the taste of vanilla.

Today CChai Smoothiehai is a very popular drink which is served hot, chilled, or even as a frappe, using either water, ice, milk or a milk substitute. For anyone interested in reducing their caffeine intake, Chai is naturally lower in caffeine than the equivalent serving of coffee.

DAVID RIO CHAI TEAS of San Francisco is an award winning Chai tea provider. The wide variety offered and great tasting Chai tea is bagged as an easy to use powder. Mix it with water or milk.

  • Tiger Spice: Their signature blend and top seller! Based on Indian black tea, it’s sweet, milky and very smooth with an extra kick of cardamom and cloves.
  • Orca Spice: Sugar Free! Creamy, spicy and lightly sweetened with Splenda®. Only 48 calories per cup!
  • Elephant Vanilla: Based on black tea, it’s rich and decadent, slightly sweet and milky with a balanced spice blend, and an extra touch of vanilla.
  • Flamingo Vanilla: Sugar free and decaffeinated! Creamy, sweet vanilla with only 48 calories per cup!
  • Tortoise Green Tea: The original green tea chai! Refreshing with the perfect blend of  spices, milk, honey, and sugar.
  • Giraffe Decaf: A rich and creamy blend of decaf black teas with sweet and savory spices. Similar to Tiger Spice without the caffeine.
  • Organic Power Chai: Organic Black and Japanese Matcha teas and spices, this is a potent and energizing drink hot or cold.