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Welcome to The Coffee Barrel's Contact Us page!

Since 1983, roasting coffee has been our passion. We're not your average coffee roasters. We're proud to say that we use a cutting-edge fluid bed roaster, setting us apart from over 90% of coffee roasters worldwide. This innovative technique ensures a complete roast at a lower temperature, resulting in a smoother, richer flavor profile without any hint of bitterness that traditional steel drum roasting can sometimes impart. Plus, we go the extra mile by vacuum sealing all our coffees to lock in maximum freshness.

Ready to taste the difference? Stop by and experience our exceptional coffee for yourself!

But wait, there's more! When it comes to ordering, our friendly office staff is here to make the process a breeze. Whether you prefer to place your order over the phone or through our website, we've got you covered. And once your order is in our hands, our experienced roasting and packaging team springs into action to ensure that every detail is perfect. From roasting to packaging, we're committed to delivering your order to you FAST!

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